The Ministry of Justice recognized the Association for the protection of the rights of conscripts as a foreign agent

Then Oleg Elanchik, the editor-in-chief of Sota.Vision and a human rights activist, as well as the Nobel Call organization, were added to the register of foreign agents. December 3 was indicated as the end date of the check '', & mdash; said Krivenko, noting that so far the human rights group has not received any notifications about the results of the check. Subscribe to VK RBC Receive news faster than anyone Истoчник Realii “, which was recognized as a foreign agent back in 2017. “ Apparently, this citizen wrote a denunciation on us, but it is not known on what topic, because this did not happen. We were ordered to provide a large package of documents for the last three years: invoice statements, documents on administrative and economic activities. Media into foreign agents. “ The danger of this is greatly exaggerated '', & mdash; he considered. In early December, Putin, in a conversation with the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova, said that the law on foreign media agents should not violate the rights of Russians. Krivenko also pointed out that the inclusion of foreign agents in the list of NCOs will complicate their work, since the organization is consulted by conscripts, military personnel and those performing alternative service, and in order to protect their rights, it is required to contact the military prosecutor's office and the command of the Ministry of Defense. RBC asked Regina Khisamova, Andrey Grigoriev and Alina Grigorieva for a comment. The law on foreign media agents was signed by President Vladimir Putin at the end of 2019. At the end of October, he said, the ministry warned about the start of an unscheduled inspection of the organization after a citizen's complaint. Right. Journalists of Idel. Army. We are talking about Regina Khisamova, Regina Himalova, as well as Alina and Andrei Grigoriev. Army. Right '' Sergei Krivenko, in a conversation with RBC, called the inclusion in the list an expected decision of the Ministry of Justice. “ To meet the goals for which it was adopted '', & mdash; he pointed out. We delivered this by November 15th. In total, over 80 individuals and legal entities have been added to the list of foreign agents this year. In addition, four journalists of the Idel. President Vladimir Putin gave assurances in early October that there would be no “ mass recording '' in the country. Journalists have repeatedly called for the repeal of the law; the corresponding petition on the website received more than 250 thousand votes. It was created by journalists whom the ministry had previously included in the list of foreign media agents. Realities '' (included in the register of foreign agents in 2017). The law provides for mandatory labeling for all publications and people who, in the opinion of the authorities, receive funding from abroad; for its absence, a fine of up to 40 thousand rubles is threatened. In addition, foreign media agents are also required to regularly report to the Ministry of Justice on how funds received from abroad were spent. At the end of October, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta; Dmitry Muratov called on Putin to finalize the law on foreign agents and remove the “ vague criteria '' to be included in the list. Director of the human rights group “ Citizen. In total, 103 individuals and legal entities are on the list of foreign agents by this day. The list was last expanded on November 26th. '' This is stated on the agency's website. Later, amendments were adopted that made it possible to recognize foreign agents and individuals. The number of foreign media outlets included in the list exceeded one hundred The Ministry of Justice entered the non-profit organization for the protection of the rights of conscripts, performing alternative service and military personnel, Citizen Human Rights Group, in the register of non-profit foreign agents. In response, he promised to consider this issue again, adding that he regularly gives instructions to both his administration and the State Duma deputies to finalize the law. These agencies, he continued, have cut contacts with human rights defenders and foreign agent organizations in recent years. By that time, the register included more than 80 organizations and people. Foreign media are required to create legal entities in Russia. “ Apparently, our contacts with these departments will be completely terminated, and we will continue to advise young people who will contact us with their problems, '' & mdash; he summed up.