The retirement age has been raised again in Moldova

But pensions will be indexed once a year – & nbsp; the increase will be tied to inflation rates and 50% of the country's real economic growth in the previous year. The amendments were supposed to enter into force on January 1, 2022. Photo : The decision to raise the retirement age was made back in 2016, just a few days before the leader of the Party of Socialists became president of Moldova. However, the drama unfolding in parliament looked more like a bad theatrical performance than a bare nerve of social discontent. Accordingly, the budget of the republic in the coming years may cease to cope with its social obligations. Voters understand that Dodon's pro-Russian nature is connected with his business interests, and not with the interests of Moldova, '' Andrievsky emphasized. However, even now at the age of 63, only men begin to receive a pension, while women are still retiring at the age of 59.6. She just doesn't want to pay us our pensions! Igor Dodon. In fact, he tried to plant a bomb under the next president of the republic, Maia Sandu. “ Sandu promised us a wonderful life, but look what a gift she has prepared for us for the New Year! And so it happened, the Constitutional Court dealt with part of it, and the new parliament dealt with part. The Moldovan opposition counted 300 thousand people who have suffered from the current parliamentary decision to raise the retirement age. 300 thousand people did not have time to take advantage of the previous law The Parliament of Moldova voted to raise the retirement age to 63 years for men and women or after 34 years of continuous service. “ In Balti, a pro-Russian city, representative Sandu recently won mayoral elections, while Dodon's candidate failed miserably, finishing in fourth place. In the party “ Action and Solidarity '' explain the need to raise the retirement age by the fact that the number of pensioners in the country will soon equal the number of working people. But the ex-president's hopes were not destined to come true. The bill was supported by 53 members of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, while the opposition tried to block the rostrum. In addition, from July 1, 2024, it will be possible to retire upon reaching 34 years of service. Six out of 10 men in Moldova do not live to be 62! Истoчник If this happened, then men would retire at 62, and women & ndash; at 57 years old. Moldovan political scientist Vitaly Andrievsky. As for the pension reform, Moldova is forced to follow the same path as many countries of the world, including Russia. Similarly, events developed in Russia, when the popularity of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation began to grow after raising the retirement age. Unfortunately, the average age in the country is growing, and Moldova has no other choice, '' MK said. At the same time, he was well aware that soon he would have to lose the majority in parliament and these laws would be canceled. According to the expert, Dodon hoped that when Sandu began to overturn his decisions, her popularity would decline, but on the contrary, it would grow. True, caring for a disabled child or a child under 3 years of age is not included in work experience. “ When Dodon left, he made a lot of populist decisions. Igor Dodon, who canceled the increase in the retirement age before leaving the presidency, could not have been aware of this. According to statistics, at the beginning of 2021, about 2.5 million & nbsp; people lived in Moldova, 10.5% less than in 2014. Moreover, for every 100 people – 22.5 over 60 years old. The weaker sex will be in the same position with men only in 2028, and until then every year the retirement period will increase by 6 months. On the eve of the 2020 elections, he tried to cancel the increase in the retirement age. Vlad Batryncha. At the same time, it is obvious that the point is not in the Party of Socialists, but in its leader Igor Dodona, who destroys the rating of his organization. That is, a man or a woman can start working continuously at the age of 20, and then he will be able to receive his first pension at the age of 54.