The second batch of weapons from the United States arrived in Ukraine

The first ammunition consignment delivered by the day before, the weight of the cargo exceeded 90 tons. According to the defense department, a Boeing 747 cargo plane delivered hand-held disposable grenade launchers to Ukraine M141 Bunker Defeat Munition or SMAW-D. An airplane with another batch of US military aid landed in Kiev, writes the NV publication. It was reported that the consignment of military aid contained ammunition for the defenders of Ukraine on the front line.  Recall that last year, the States provided the Ukrainian side with military assistance in the amount of more than $650 million.  < p>Earlier, Moscow announced the need to stop the supply of weapons and instructor assistance to the Ukrainian regime, as well as the refusal to conduct training events. Истoчник In addition, a batch of Javelin anti-tank systems was handed over to the Ukrainian side.