The tax office announced the refusal of the 3-NDFL declaration

Истoчник Recall that, as a rule, personal income tax is kept by the employer. Earlier TopNews wrote that Russia wants to abolish the tax for the poor. In an interview with RBC, he said that about 14 million such declarations are filed in Russia every year. & # 8220; But you will have to pay for this by completely refusing the confidentiality of any of your data, primarily banking & # 8221;, & # 8211; quotes the human rights activist In such cases, it is necessary to submit a tax return. According to Egorov, payers should see that the Federal Tax Service not only controls them , but also meets halfway thanks to the automation of services. He noted that the department will be able to calculate such a tax automatically only if it receives data on all bank accounts of citizens and the movement of funds through them. Now you can refuse 3-NDFL, but this possibility depends on the ability of specialists to gain access to user data. The FTS announced the upcoming rejection of the document, popular for the tax authorities, filled in by individuals & # 8211; declaration of income 3-NDFL. For everyone else, they want to raise personal income tax. According to tax lawyer Viktor Andreev, the main advantage of refusing 3-NDFL will be convenience, since Russians will be more comfortable if they can throw off a number of responsibilities. Russians pay it themselves if they receive real estate as a gift, sell property or perform other actions. The situation with the refusal of 3-personal income tax was commented on by a lawyer. This statement was made by the head of the department Daniil Egorov.