The United States did not agree with the proposals of Russia on NATO

She also said that in January there will be talks between Russian and American representatives on the topic of Ukraine, and now the details are being finalized. Subscribe to RBC's Twitter Get news faster than anyone Истoчник A White House spokeswoman said that the United States is ready to agree with some of them, but not with some Jen Psaki ​​Washington is not ready to agree with Russia's proposals on security guarantees concerning NATO. They also discussed Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the issue of the need for legal security guarantees that would rule out any NATO moves eastward in early August. Later he touched on this topic during negotiations via video link with the president United States by Joe Biden on December 7, and already on December 15, the Russian Foreign Ministry published its draft agreement on security guarantees. The head of state then stressed that Moscow needs legal guarantees, because the Western countries did not fulfill their oral obligations. “ Russia presented proposals, we would agree with some, with some, for example, those related to NATO, of course not, '' & mdash; she said. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg indicated that the alliance will not compromise on Ukraine's accession and that it should choose its own path. 'Facts' funny thing, and the facts indicate that the only aggression that we see on the Russian-Ukrainian border is & mdash; this is the buildup of the military grouping by Russia and the belligerent rhetoric from the leader of Russia '', & mdash; Psaki emphasized. In addition, the White House said that US allies in Europe should take part in the negotiations on security guarantees. Psaki: Washington disagrees with Moscow's proposals for security guarantees for NATO Last week, Moscow sent Washington proposals for security guarantees. Psaki quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin, who earlier expressed hope at an annual press conference that the situation would develop along a negotiated path. “ We also believe that this is the best way and the right way forward '', & mdash; she said. At the same time, the White House representative denied accusations against Western countries of escalating tensions around Ukraine. Washington promised to prepare a response list. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said this at a briefing. In particular, the Russian side proposed not to admit the countries that were part of the USSR to NATO and to abandon military activities on the territory of these states. According to her, the United States considers negotiations with Russia to be the best way to resolve differences.