Three ex-cops stand trial in Floyd’s death

It is reported that during the trial, prosecutors accused them of abuse of power and violating Floyd's civil rights. It is noted that the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Attorney Samantha Trepel accused them of inaction when their colleague “slowly killed George Floyd right in front of them.” Recall that George Floyd died in  ;Minneapolis at the end of May 2020, after police Derek Chauvin applied a choke hold during his arrest. In addition, acts of vandalism were recorded in the United States against memorials dedicated to Floyd. Plot Mass riots in the US after the killing of African American Floyd Three former US police officers Thomas Lane, Jay Keng and Tu Tao, who took part in the detention of African-American George Floyd, appeared in US federal court on Monday, January 24, reports Associated Press. In turn, Tu Tao did not allow passers-by to interfere in what was happening. Истoчник After protests and riots began in many large American cities, and then in other countries, participants who spoke out against police violence and racism. It is established that when Derek Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd's neck, Kang knelt on Floyd's back and Lane held his legs.