Tommy Lee Sparta – Goat Head Lyrics

With your folly…
True you waan get a one hype, you a style man link with batty
You lucky say you never look up inna mi bumboclaat shotty
Mmm hmm
Uncle! [Chorus]
Rise everything fi the meeting
Tell them, “it’s a greeting”
I’ll carry the goat head seasoning
Mi a stir the war pot, make it bun them
Nuh trust them, watch dem
Them a spider with black skin
[Verse 1]
When mi walk middle day inna face shot a bark
Rrrrrr! Uncle! Through Sting you pull card and a hype up
You a elder, mi never waan diss you
But the world done know a you diss first
‘Bout you a come a pull batty allegations
‘Member you do a video with a naked man (You nuh ‘member that?)
Mi glad you anuh mi father ’cause you woulda beat up mi mother with hammer
Mmm, a that you go a jail ten times fah
And a me you cyan get no hype off of
Mi a real badman from birth, when you dead, ask dead people
Make dem tell you how mi buss out dem bumbclaat big head, mi no play with people
Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm
[Verse 3]
This a part one, mi no need part two
Tongue God take the youths dem fi cartoon
Right now me a kill you with one tune
And da one ya cut sharp like harpoon
Yow Killer… know you suck p*ssy
Straight Sodom and Gomorrah
That means you a suck p*ssy fi di devil
Mmm hmm
Actions speak louder than words
Fool! Your friend, Rum Blood, talk say you nyam f*ck
And you nuh name Grung Gad, you a tongue god! [Intro]
Goat head…don’t diss the youth’s…. Stop pree me
Goat head, you cyan defeat me
Nuh make me rise it
Inna middle day we a walk with the K’s and the MAC-10
Bwoy haffi dead anytime when mi shot dem
Anytime when mi shot dem
The war is on, uptown not giving up
Rifle buss out your head and fling it up
Eagle fly inna di sky and pick it up
Send mi friend with wings inna the pretty shirt
Rise up the shooters the one from Flankers
Weh buss up the tankers
[Verse 2]
p*ssy juice smelly Bounty
Use your mouth fi take off gyal panty
The gyal dem say your mouth smell of condom
A you make every gyal tongue long down
You cyan diss no man ’round a Sparta
Every man pon the Sparta a demon
We will shoot you in front people make your goat head open like almond
Wha’ make you badmind me you little f*ck mouth? Bwoy gone to the morgue
Any bwoy push out get feed to the shark
Glock inna the sky, whole place get dark
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
Uncle Demon a laugh
Nephew Demon shot out your thoughts
Look inna di shotty, anuh dog, it a bark
Bwoy, just jet caught