Turkey says border operations do not threaten neighboring countries

What else is missing in business? According to him, the task will be to create a safe zone 30 km deep along the southern border. Turkey demands that these countries recognize the PKK as a terrorist organization, expedite the extradition of its members and persons associated with it, and lift the sanctions imposed against the country's military-industrial complex. The operations that Turkey will conduct on the borders with Syria are aimed at ensuring national security, the authorities said. In northern Syria, which is targeted by the new operation, Turkey has conducted several military operations since 2016 against the Kurdish YPG, which are recognized as terrorist in the country. Read on RBC Pro Pro Consulting services are in demand more than ever: what companies want Pro Articles The self-employment market will grow. Forecasts Pro Digitalization for aksakals: what do Russians earn in Uzbekistan? This week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the country will launch an anti-terrorist operation on the border with Syria on May 26. Ankara sees them as a Syrian offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) banned in Turkey. Materials for this article Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram Истoчник rbc.ru Ankara announced these operations against the backdrop of objections to the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO. The operation will target non-Turkish military-controlled regions in northern Syria, which Erdogan says are “centers of frequent attacks.” against Turkish forces, TRT Haber reports. Perhaps the state will come to it Articles Pro Why do we dream: 5 theories Articles Pro An employee moved abroad: 4 options for how to arrange a job Instructions Pro Telegram is getting closer to the dream of a superapp. jpg” alt=”Turkey said that border operations do not threaten neighboring countries” /> Turkey's border operations do not threaten the territorial integrity of neighboring states, the country's Security Council said in a statement. “Operations that are or will be carried out on our southern borders are not directed against the territorial integrity of our neighbors and are necessary to ensure national security,” Anadolu agency quotes a statement. Turkey's statement came amid its objections to Sweden and Finland joining NATO.