TV Center reported the injury of its employee in Donetsk

Tags Subscribe to Telegram RBC Stay up to date with the latest news even in blocking conditions Истoчник The DNR reported four dead civilians per day due to shelling “alt=”«TV Center» reported wounding of its employee in Donetsk” /> The film crew of the Russian TV channel «TV Center» came under fire near the railway station in Donetsk, according to the Telegram channel “TV Center”. “Assistant operator Andrei Alekseev received several shrapnel wounds. Now he is being prepared for the operation, & mdash; clarifies the channel in another post. According to the Donetsk News Agency, by 17:00, four civilians were killed in the DPR during the day due to shelling from Ukraine, and another 15 were injured. In Donetsk, according to the mayor of the city Aleksey Kulemzin, the buildings of three kindergartens and a lyceum were damaged as a result of shelling. Attacks were made on Donetsk, Makeevka, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya. According to the Council of Veterans of the Central Office of the Department of Internal Affairs, which announced his death, Postnov took part in the battles for the city of Gostomel, as well as several cities and towns of the Kharkov region and the LPR. The operator's assistant Andrey Alekseev was wounded, he is to undergo an operation. In mid-June, during a special operation in Ukraine, military journalist Sergei Postnov, who worked as the head of the information response group of the first department of the department for interaction with the media of the Russian Guard.