Tyler The Creator – Who Dat Boy Lyrics

Why you niggas feel like that? Who him is? Nigga, Guess my pants, do my dance
Spin around, bitch, you can kiss my ass
Never seen your nigga in this much Raf
Still doin’ math when I miss my class
Was it Summertime ’06, had the number 9
Nigga, never mind, wasn’t nothin’ but time before Vince
Had the Gucci gold tips with the letterman
Nigga, dollar sign was my favorite number at the time
Fresh freshmen ’til they skipped my ass
Senior citizen, don’t forget my pass
Been that nigga and you knew that there
Make the dick disappear, how she do that there? ‘Cause nigga, I’m right here
I don’t shop at the mall, all y’all just
Dumb mothaf**ka
I’m a goddamn artist
You can give me some markers and I’ll draw you a closet
And you know that it’s GOLF
Bitch gon’ and make the deposit
Nigga fresh to death like he got dressed in a coffin
Cons, overalls, and a striped shirt
The boy drip swag like a broken faucet
It’s runnin’, nigga, I’m runnin’
Shit, that cherry be the bomb like he ran in Boston
Won’t stop ’til the cops surround him
One nigga jiggy and the other awesome
With his f**kin’ face blown off, that’s how they found him
It’s Young T
Who dat boy? Who him is? Who dem is? Who dat boy? Who else step in this bitch this jig? Who dem boys? Who him is? Nigga who dem boys? Mad ’cause a nigga’s neck chill like that
Mad ’cause a nigga push weight like that? TYLER THE CREATORWho Dat Boy Lyrics
Yo, who dat boy? Nigga, who dem is, nigga? Who else your bitch say got a bick this big? Who him is? Who else came through with a wrist this flick? Nigga, who dat boy? Why you puttin’ bad vibes in the air like that? Him that nig-ga, I swear
Stand up guy, him don’t need no chair
Well, where the f**k him at? Nigga, who dem is?