“Typical teenage bullshit.” D. Puchkov (Goblin) – about youth values

At the same time, Seryoga Shnurovhellishly popular, successfully performs with such songs and collects full stadiums. Nobody needs them there, and they know it. I wouldn't have hit that time if my brains were working properly"". Photo: RIA Novosti/Sergey Ermokhin Most often, young people generally don’t bother much, against the background of which they are photographed there, they are not interested. No. In their actions, some next “Pussy Wright” can also be seen. You gave them at the mercy of who knows, and now you are amazed: well, how did it happen! Let's then song Vysotsky“Oh, where was I yesterday” hellip; with the words “And then I stopped drinking because I was tired” we will write it down in the same place as its author: this is propaganda of alcoholism, by the way. After all, a teenager denies everything: his mother, as he thinks, is a fool, his father is a fool, they have not achieved any success in life. You ask the rest of Kohl, Tol, Vasya – they will repeat the same thing to you, only in an even more vile form. But if you teach them “Vlasov” at school Solzhenitsyn, and & nbsp; on TV you have some kind of “Zuleikha opens her eyes” or other anti-Soviet stuff, and this is your model for filling children's heads with knowledge – well, congratulations. It turns out that, in addition to exposing Stalinism, you have nothing to show the younger generation, in fact.  As a result, your children are raised by Americans. Today, teenagers, as they were poorly brought up, have remained. We will have to fight for our native country – a few people of good will will go, I assure you. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. What is a national flash mob? Have you heard at least one song of the group “Leningrad” with three-story swearing on radio or television? And & nbsp; why, in fact, “run”? Here you have a teenager, he was raised in your school, on your educational programs. – Of course, but only your own. So why be surprised when teenagers shit on portraits of your heroes? That is, you stand on the same side with him – raise your children in contempt for your own country, for its past. – According to your classification, these are “juvenile morons” or normal teenagers? Songs – piece of art. Do they renounce citizenship, break all ties, sell property? You have to educate your children, and instead you run after their idols and shake handcuffs. And you don’t and won’t have any social elevators that will allow you to rise to so sky-high heights.  – Why are rappers fleeing Russia? 03. But people who diligently talk about the “victory” of the frenzy, I repeat, & nbsp; & ndash; Hitler's comrades-in-arms who consciously take his side. You will tell them that a nuclear submarine is millions of times more complicated than an iPhone, and they don’t care: they use an iPhone every day, and they have never seen your submarine. A funnel approximately 80×100 cm appeared on the statue in the area of ​​the buttocks. And in the soul the dialogue: “Will you regret it?” “Of course I will” “Next time will you hit me?” “I won't. For example, he gave someone a face, and then sat down. Bullshit! When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? – No, I I think it all happens spontaneously. Another thing is that with the Internet, it’s like a fire in the & nbsp; steppe: they organize challenges (tasks) for each other there: they say, “I shit on” this, and now you answer & nbsp; & ndash; shit on this». – If they break the law, then, of course, it is necessary. That's why they were undersized and ran to hide behind the cordon – “Sit cleanly” and then come back. There is nothing to blame on the mirror. There is no feeling that someone is deliberately organizing this, provoking it? It was her victory – as a formative and guiding force. – Famous rapper Morgensternalso admitted that he did not understand the Victory Day, which took place 76 years ­ rehabilitation of Nazism. – Looking for what's lost. Let's say they are threatened to be prosecuted for drug propaganda. About this is our conversation with translator, publicistDmitry Puchkov ­(Goblin). But we can’t talk about this, because the essence of the state we have – this is a negation of everything soviet… There are much more illustrative examples – say, Ukraine, where the Nazis and their accomplices have already been elevated to the rank of national heroes. Or, say, the appearance of some human rights activists on Red Square in those days when an anti-Soviet uprising took place in Czechoslovakia. And what else can they think? That's why teenagers don't want to learn. But the task of breaking this teenager's life is not worth it. This, I understand, is success! Because that's how you teach them. They are just very well known and because in sight. – The young man in the video on TikTok said that he did not know when the Great Patriotic War began, because this information “won't be useful” to him in life. He will give you a lecture for an hour: who stood at the gate, who ran forward, how many goals were scored, how the referee judged incorrectly, etc. And then they are surprised: “But there Kolya and Urengoy said this in the Bundestag!” Why be surprised? Arrange an interrogation for the poet: what what did mean for example, in the song    – drink" He will tell you: “Ah, everyone is drinking, I'm talking about it.” And what? For example, in 1979  in Leningrad, college graduates committed a very large act of vandalism: they threw 11 historical marble statues from the pedestals in the Summer Garden. And before that, in several cities, young bloggers were marked by actions with stripping against the background of museums and temples – all this immediately spread in social networks. Freaks who lost to the beautiful civilized West? The young don't want the 'brace' type of war – in this way, this generation will definitely not be able to be retained and united.  No one argues: you need to know history, honor and respect your ancestors. 01/19/2022 Recently, a 19-year-old student who relieved himself at a stand with a portrait of a war veteran received 4 years in prison. In order to lay the next raw material pipe and to "cut" Why buying houses in Miami? This is typical teenage bullshit. Either a bus, or a vision. But if the song is about how a person uses ­drugs – Is this really propaganda? In my opinion, this is complete madness. How many of us, adults, make mistakes in life in an emotional heat? And if it doesn't work at all, then yes – deprive of freedom. Look – there, the children of the oligarchs have everything and without studying. Where is the propaganda? At the same time, ask any dunce – football fan: how Zenit played in 1969? “And these are not their heroes” – Do people with a  adolescent mind perceive any kind of propaganda? Flashmob – this is when you receive a message: “Today at such and such a time and in such and such a place we all gather with umbrellas, open them together, take a picture and run away.” “Mob” – crowd, “flash” – flash. And he still didn’t say anything particularly bad: only that he personally is not interested in it and it’s not clear why you set up these parades and spend money on them. Children watch and read this about their native history and think: who were their ancestors? Under Soviet rule, such undergrowth also manifested itself. And here, one might say, almost children. Their iPhones, for example, are not made in Russia for some reason. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This is a major event for liberals, and, from their point of view, must be remembered. That is, an instantly assembled crowd for such completely senseless actions. What is wrong with patriotic education? But Morgen­stern speaks in an accessible language, which inspires confidence in them. What do those who do it achieve? Which only says one thing: these children grow up neglected.  – Should they be punished, or is it enough to simply scold them? They will say – and what the hell? Adults are now almost not interested in children, they have the number one task – buy a phone or tablet for a child: “On you, shut up, sit with him in the corner, just don’t disturb us.” Well, here is the result: the children are left to their own devices.  Why remember victories? It can be decided that Vysotsky, with his way of life and songs, promoted drinking and contributed to the fact that the Russian people drank themselves and died. A healthy question, by the way, from a teenager. – Units run. A these are not their heroes. For  fans this is the most important event. And that's who exactly won the Patriotic War, where 26 million of us died, – no, you don't need to remember that. If he behaved decently before, for a start you need to talk. So, alignment with it. Is there something wrong with the atmosphere in the country? Monument to Ulyanov (Lenin), which was blown up by unknown people. The prosecutor's office of Naberezhnye Chelny decided to conduct an inspection after the incident with teenagers who threw snow at the Eternal Flame. Maybe this is a discovery for some, but our war was a war between the Nazis and the communists, led by the main communist Joseph Stalinand the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. – Today's teenagers – is this the “lost generation”? And & nbsp; in space, we now also have girls-actresses flying. Morgenstern – this is the voice of a generation. If talking doesn't help – fine. Well, if our children are raised in hatred of communism – what happens?  Who was the main enemy of communism? Adolf Hitler. What attention is paid to the Great Patriotic War in today's history textbooks, if the Battle of Stalingrad takes half a paragraph there, and then you talk about the bloody Soviet regime? with a challenge to society: they say, I don’t give a damn about you at all, here, I’m so beautiful, I deny everything! Dmitry Puchkov: “If our children are raised in hatred of communism – what will happen? And in a way they will be right. They – the main enemies of the communists. Истoчник aif.ru In this case, I don’t see any signs of a flash mob and I don’t see any command from the moderator. went to & nbsp; desecration of all that is holy? Teenagers do not listen to pro-government propagandists, do not watch TV and other state officialdom. For they are too grown-up, and these guys who discuss something of their own there are not interested in them. – They usually outgrow their bullshit when the hormonal storms subside in their heads. The fact that the kid urinated on the poster – well, it's not quite nonsense, just like trying to fry kebabs on the Eternal Flame. But choosing this as the first method would be wrong. I – no. Well no thanks. But there is Citizen Morgenstern, who – chik, and & nbsp; here he is already covered in & nbsp; chocolate, shaking packs of dough, and & nbsp; naked girls are jumping around. Is this good or bad? If somewhere in the Baltics or in Ukraine they are taught to hate Russians as an external enemy, then we are taught inside Russia to hate ourselves.  Mom and dad don't have any money, but Morgenstern does. All movies, songs, music, dances that children like, – because of the bump.