Union – Organizin’ Lyrics

form a trinity, like a hot shack, heatwave
Blaze misbehave like I ain’t got shit
I’m goin all out baby when I drop shit
?? Born]
I’m K. Born no amateur, yes I’m a vet
You probably ain’t heard of me yet cause we ain’t met
but I’ll bet, when I test the fire I signify
Leave fools crucified, just say my line, yeah
Jesus, lay your hands on me
Never let me fall into the hands of the enemy
Don’t release me please, hear what I say
Send your angels at the right time and let me slip away
from these demons, keepin me from slippin
But I ain’t tweakin, cause I’ma keep on sneakin and defeatin
Get back when I attack, with a supreme weapon
Your competition can’t compete, so get to steppin
I’m representin to the endin in this rap session
so may God be with you until we meet again
I lift my hands to the sky and he rain blessings
confessions, ye yeah, ye yeah yeah yeah
Can I, can I, get a witness? We organizin (mm-hmm) uhh
Yeah strategizin (mm-hmm)
UHH, c’mon
Five o’clock in the mornin? From A-T-L to L.A. You better pray now, bay..-bay! Born
better known as Kim Savage
Yeah, West Coast
West Coast, bay-bee! chipper, but who ain’t? we put it down
[Neb Lo]
Electrify like Edison, in demand like medicine
I’m good for ya, represent the hood for ya
Acrobatic, flip on ya, burst sporadic
Over the track, yea yea, I’ma let you have it
Over here, the view is crystal clear
Swimmin like some ??, quick to hit you from the rear
with pure energy, Neb, A-D-S and K. Leave them bitches bent up
Cause they jealous, yeah we catchin all the fellas
From sun-up, to sundown I’m in hot pursuit
I keep, Organizin Rhymes so gimme the loot
Ahhh, Neb Love style baby
That’s how we do it y’all, that’s how we do it baby
[K. All in the paint
I’m actin wild and my profile stop this ya can’t
I’m Def you SoSo playin mafioso
I bring it live in the flesh move your torso
For the Henny sipper, what we do? Yeah
Neb Lo, Nino, ADS, K. Where y’all gon’ be
Where ya gon’ be (hahahah)
In the studio (bustin the style) with Da 5 Footaz
And me, Neb Lo (Neb Lo)
Hit ya like this y’all, whattup Nino?