US added MIPT to the sanctions list

Livanov also expressed the hope that the sanctions will not interfere with cooperation with American universities in the academic field. The main consequence of being included in the list is & mdash; a de facto ban on the supply of a number of goods to its defendants. Scientific Research Technological Institute named after A.P. Subscribe to YouTube RBK Live broadcasts , videos and recordings of broadcasts on our YouTube channel Истoчник Restrictions apply to some chemicals, generators for nuclear power plants, equipment for aircraft and ships, electronic devices, etc., the full list is published in Appendix 2 to Part 744 of the US Export Control Rules. '' goods. “ International trade should promote peace, prosperity and well-paid jobs, not security risks. Aleksandrov and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation named after V.I. It was on this basis that it became possible to call the “ end military user '' purely civilian producers. The concept of a “ military end user '' & mdash; not only the military, but also the national police, national guard, intelligence services, and “ any person or organization whose actions or functions are intended to support military use. In addition to MIPT, the list also included companies from China and Pakistan, which The United States considers it to be involved in the modernization of the People's Army of China, as well as in Pakistan's nuclear program. He noted that many commercial and government structures in Russia and abroad are among the customers of research and applied developments at MIPT. MIPT Rector Dmitry Livanov told RBC that he was surprised by the inclusion of the university in the sanctions list. The US Department of Commerce believes that in Russia the defense and civilian industries are often integrated into conglomerates such as, for example, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) or Rosatom. The US Department of Commerce did not explain what exactly is imputed to the Moscow Institute The US Department of Commerce has put the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) on the sanctions list. Among them are the Irkut corporation, a part of the UAC, the Rostec state corporation, the Russian Helicopters holding, which are part of Rosatom. At the end of December last year, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) under the US Department of Commerce published rules that would begin to apply export restrictions to Russian entities designated as “ military end users. This is stated in a message on the department's website. '' It followed from the document that the supply of certain goods and technologies of production of the USA to the address of Russian structures would become practically impossible. The reason for including MIPT in the list was the development of military products for a military customer. Then, in December, 45 Russian organizations were included in the BIS list. N.L. Today's Department of Commerce decisions should hinder the transfer of American technology to China, Russia, and promote Pakistan's unsafe nuclear program, '', & mdash; said the head of department Gina Raimondo. It will require a US Department of Commerce license, but BIS will follow a waiver policy. Dukhova, special flight unit “ Russia '', corporation “ VSMPO-Avisma '' (a blocking stake in Rostec). Therefore, sometimes American technology supplied to civilian consumers ends up in the hands of defense industry organizations or law enforcement agencies, according to the US Department of Commerce.