US Air Force cancels hypersonic missile tests due to “unknown problem”

By 2028, it should appear on submarines. The AGM-183A missile safely separated from the B-52H aircraft, but did not work as expected. At the same time, the launch allowed the military to evaluate other aspects of the procedure, the portal notes. “ The startup process was interrupted due to an unknown problem. p> Tests of the AGM-183A rocket were scheduled for December 15, it was supposed to be launched from the B-52 Stratofortress aircraft. '' This is the third launch of the AGM-183A rocket, the first two were also not completely successful, writes The War Zone. This fall, the Pentagon conducted several test launches of hypersonic weapons and reported on successful tests. The rocket will be returned to the factory, analysis of onboard data and telemetry will begin immediately, '' & mdash; explained the command. They assured that they would strive to resume flight tests “ as soon as possible. The Air Force promised to investigate the cause of the failure and re-launch. Subscribe to RBC's Telegram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник They took place in July and were considered “ partially successful '', writes The War Zone. The latter returned with her to the airbase. The first tests took place in April. The United States stopped a test launch of hypersonic weapons due to an unknown problem The missile was supposed to be launched from a bomber, but the launch process was interrupted. As US Navy Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, who oversees strategic systems programs in the department, explained, it is planned to put hypersonic weapons on destroyers in 2025. The military will analyze the onboard data. Then the military reported that the rocket “ could not complete the launch procedure '' and stayed on the plane. This is the third attempt to launch a rocket, the first two were also not completely successful The US Air Force was unable to conduct test launches of a hypersonic missile due to an “ unknown problem '', writes The War Zone portal, citing a message from the US Air Force command. The missile, which participated in the tests, performs the function of an accelerator, which should accelerate the hypersonic weapon to a given speed. In 2023, such weapons should go into service with the US military. It, in turn, will have great maneuverability, which will make tracking and responding to it “ extremely difficult '' task for opponents, writes The War Zone.