US Ambassador accuses China of “artificial” creation of the crisis because of Pelosi

Read on RBC Pro Pro Hero of the Republic: how a dentist ran away from his parents and earned $ 1 billion Articles Pro The tax authorities recognized the information in the USRLE as unreliable. “We do not believe that there should be a crisis in relations between the US and China because of the visits— crisis artificially created by the Chinese government,— he emphasized. Taiwan declared independence from China in 1949, but the PRC considers it its own territory. The Chinese Foreign Ministry believed that the United States organized the trip to create a crisis in the region and create a pretext for building up a military presence. Beijing called the arrival of US lawmakers “a dangerous move that is like playing with fire” and urged Washington to stop interfering in China's internal affairs. August 4, Beijing began naval and air military exercises with firing in the Taiwan Strait. Washington insists that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan does not contradict the principle of “one China”; and does not mean a change in the US position: the Pentagon stressed that the country still does not recognize the independence of the island. Less than two weeks after Pelosi's trip, the second delegation of US congressmen arrived in Taiwan for a two-day visit. The United States officially holds the same position. In Beijing, her visit was sharply criticized, accusing her of provocation and violating the One China principle. Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2. Why and what to do? According to the diplomat himself, he was called to the Chinese Foreign Ministry “at the very moment when the speaker's plane landed in Taiwan”, and a “tense conversation” took place in the ministry. Authors Tags How does this concern you? Nicholas Burns called Beijing's reaction to the House Speaker's trip to Taiwan an attempt to intimidate the island's authorities. How to change your name and keep loyal customers Instructions Pro Tennis, pickleball and football with young people: how George Clooney keeps fit Articles The United States authorities called the maneuvers off the coast of Taiwan a provocation. what kind of specialists to assemble the basic team Instructions Pro The brand left Russia. Explained in the evening newsletter $99 per month Истoчник According to the ambassador, the PRC authorities behaved this way to “intimidate and control the Taiwanese administration.” China announced sanctions against Pelosi, canceled a working meeting of representatives of the military ministries of China and the United States, and suspended cooperation with the American side in the field of drug control, the fight against transnational crime and the return of illegal immigrants to their homeland. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan should not cause a crisis in US-China relations, US Ambassador to Beijing told CNN Nicholas Burns. Burns was summoned to the office, where he was strongly protested because of the visit.