US Ambassador calls the waiver of the Spaso House lease a last resort

Due to a lack of personnel, the embassy stopped providing visa services to Russians, and the number of events was reduced. Bush, Bill Clinton & mdash; they all visited the residence during their visits. However, Ambassador Sullivan told RBC that so far this call has not been implemented, since candidates for work in Russia are not given Russian visas. According to him, the mansion located in the Old Arbat area & mdash; it is a historical place for both Russians and Americans. This is unfortunate, it is not a way to build productive diplomatic relations, and it is not as easy as saying send more diplomats & mdash; said Sullivan. “ The problem is that we cannot obtain visas for American diplomats so that they came to Russia. According to him, a meeting was recently held between Russian and American representatives on this issue, and another one is to be held in the near future, at which this issue will also be discussed. “ It was only as an absolute last resort that I had agreed to consider abandoning the lease on this building, which has such a history, '' & mdash; said Ambassador Sullivan. The Kommersant newspaper reported that the diplomatic mission was considering the option of refusing to lease the mansion. Bush and George W. Subscribe to RBC's YouTube Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel Истoчник Refusing to rent is absolutely an extreme measure, he said Residence of the US Ambassador Spaso House (Vtorov's mansion in Spasopeskovsky Pereulok) Due to mutual reductions, about 120-130 are currently working at the US Embassy in Russia diplomats, US Ambassador John Sullivan said in an interview with RBC. The mansion has witnessed the development of the history of Russian-American, Soviet-American relations: Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, Presidents George W. “ We rented it in 1933, our first ambassador, Ambassador Bullitt, moved here in early 1934, 88 years ago, '' & mdash; recalled the ambassador. And it was described as a visa impasse. In early November, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called on the United States to send additional diplomats to Moscow. However, the possibility of canceling the lease of the ambassador's residence, which requires care, is not being considered, the ambassador assured. The US Embassy, ​​however, intends to restore the number of its employees, which is now significantly inferior to the Russian presence in the United States. Due to a lack of staff, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan did not consider the possibility of abandoning the lease of the residence, the famous Spaso House. The Washington Post reported on December 3 that the embassy was so understaffed that many staff were forced to take on additional work.