US pledged to impose “strongest” sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

Moscow also stated that reports of a military presence at the Ukrainian borders are being used to “ build up NATO forces '' & nbsp; in the border regions. On the air of the CBS TV channel, she said that the White House is coordinating its position with allies. US Vice President Kamala Harris Photo: Still from video US Vice President Kamala Harris has threatened Russia with sanctions that have not yet taken place from Washington. Then he brings her directly to the Kremlin. Earlier, the former special representative of the State Department for Ukraine, Kurt Volcker, called on the US and Western authorities to impose sanctions against Russia immediately. Истoчник In particular, according to the politician, such a plan will help restrain the Kremlin from aggression in Ukraine. Thus, Washington makes it clear that Moscow should not encroach on the sovereignty of Ukraine. The Kremlin believes that the movement of Russian troops on the territory of the country does not threaten anyone. The United States may introduce them because of the situation in Ukraine. In his opinion, this will help prevent Moscow's alleged extortionate demands, as well as force it to make compromises. In the West, they believe that this situation provokes international tension and may result in an open confrontation. Recently, the discussion around the movement of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine has escalated.