Vic Mensa – What You Taught Us lyrics

Vic Mensa What You Taught Us lyrics Vic Mensa – What You Taught Us lyrics [Intro] That’s what you taught us Yeah That’s what you— Is it recording? When Kobe passed and Gayle spoke on his allegations, although, she made valid statements, some thought the time and place wasn’t right I pose a question, can one not be imperfect and celebrate it? [Verse] Sittin’ in front of this blank canvas My words are brushes to paint my colors I’m feelin’ kinda blue like Miles Davis LP ‘Cause a legend that I knew but I’d never known was unhealthy Left to heaven much too soon most I could do was post a selfie It’s a strange phenomenon when time is gone from life’s [pockets] Snapshot of humans existence into a tight crop One photograph to speak to thousands of interactions Synthesized into a two-sentence instant caption In the past, I ruminated on the ways I’d be illuminated Would my truths be debated or flaws brought back to life? Confess all of my pain and these verses be separated Who knows [?] can’t buy more time or more loopholes to keep you on this green earth So we be wanna [?] to speak first to [?] perspective, you keep ‘em guessin’ Revolution and practice like a Huey P lecture That’s what you taught us, divide convention, buy invention That’s what you brought us, divine invention, timeless vision Got me thinkin’ ’bout my time more efficient and recognition Tomorrow ain’t promised if I could borrow an honest opinion of myself, I know I’ve been lookin’ for help that could only come from within Patience been runnin’ thin for external validation You showed us we could all be designers of our own destinies of our legacies, our environments from Chicago streets to Paris fashion weeks Above and beyond, the limitations that they placed on us That’s what you taught us That’s what you taught us That’s what you— That’s what you taught us Vic Mensa – What You Taught Us lyrics