Victory lap – Propagandhi lyrics

In the denim jacket
Are you receiving my prayers through the noise and cosmic static? The day the rapture came
A forgettable event
The clouds, they opened up
And not a single person went
To the chromatic whistle of a carousel calliope
Stomp the citizens of our clown, idiot, dingbat society. and me. God, are you there?! Uhh. God, are you there? Ahhhh, stomppp. Lyrics Propagandhi – Victory lap
When the flames engulfed
The home of the brave
Stampede toward the border was in vain
Faces palmed, faces paled
As the wall they said would make them great could not be scaled.(victory lap)
When the free-market
Fundamentalist steps on a roadside bomb outside Kandahar
Bleeding to death
I swear to Ayn Rand
I’ll ask if he needs an invisible hand. The colossal waste of energy
Talent upon the talented
Freedom upon the free
This whole damn beautiful life
Wasted on you.. You say not all cops
You say not all men
Yeah, you insist it’s only 99%
There’s nothing new for you to learn
Ok, sit back, relax, and watch it all burn! Propagandhi lyrics
Video lap It’s me. Can you confirm I’m on the right goddamn planet?!