Waste Of Aces – Swear You’ll Be Untrue Lyrics

The moon is bright
And so are your eyes
I know you don’t like me
But tell me some lies
‘Till the morning comes
And in the sobering light of day
I’ll be alright
A troubled past
A troubled now
When I think of the future
It seems bright somehow
When I’m hearing your lies
And I don’t think about where I am
Or your disguise
Swear you’ll be untrue
Blind me with deceit
Reach into my wallet
And sweep me off my feet
Say you’ll be mine always
While the D.J plays our song
Say we’ll last forever
Or at least until my money’s gone
Now Georgie’s gone
Tom and Lincoln too
And from your wandering eye
I see your time is through
And now you’re breaking my heart
But I know we’ll be together again
Making up is the best part
I’ll see on Friday when I get paid
Swear you’ll be untrue
‘Till I get paid…