Welt reported that Kuleba “lost his temper” in a conversation with the Minister of Germany

Berlin has officially announced its readiness to deliver 50 Cheetahs to Kyiv. According to the publication, the Ukrainian minister, during his trip to Germany last week, demanded an “honest” answer about the tanks and a quick solution to the issue of ammunition for them. The newspaper reported on a difficult conversation between the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the head of the German Defense Ministry on the supply of Gepard tanks. Otherwise, he suggested that the minister recognize that the topic was removed from discussion and that Berlin was “focused on a new project.” Sources in Kyiv called the conversation difficult, Kuleba reproached Lambrecht for announcing the supplies, knowing that there were no ammunition. Earlier it was reported that Germany had no ammunition for tanks Dmitry Kuleba Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba “lost his temper” during a discussion with German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht on the supply of Cheetah tanks, writes Welt. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz clarified earlier this week that the tanks can't just be picked up, they “have to be ready.” Anti-aircraft self-propelled gun “Gepard” (air defense tank “Gepard”) was developed in 1963 on the basis of the main German tank “Leopard-1”. Blocks of smoke grenade launchers are also installed on both sides of the tower. "Gepard" armed with two 35-mm cannons with an effective firing range of 5.5 thousand meters. Scholz noted that Russia forced Germany to send weapons to Kyiv, because peace in Europe was threatened. Kuleba demanded an honest answer on this issue. In total, about 570 ZSU of this type were produced. What to expect Articles Pro “Domestic Entrepreneurs”: how to unleash the potential of an innovator Articles Earlier, Germany has repeatedly refused to supply weapons to Ukraine due to the fact that the country does not supply weapons to the conflict zones. In Ukrainian government circles, the publication was told that the German minister in during the conversation, she only promised that the government would continue to look for ammunition for the Cheetahs. However, in the course of the Russian special operation, Berlin's position changed. Materials for the article Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel Истoчник rbc.ru However, in early May, Welt wrote that the delivery process was delayed due to the lack of necessary ammunition. Read on RBC Pro Pro How Ukraine is mastering cryptocurrencies against the backdrop of a Russian special operation and what to choose Instructions Pro An employee moved abroad: 4 options for how to arrange a job Instructions Pro Consulting services are in demand more than ever: what companies want Articles Pro Lockdowns in China threaten a new logistical crisis. at the end of April, the information was voiced by Lambrecht at the US Air Force Base in Ramstein. On April 28, the Bundestag approved the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv. In 1973, the car was put into service and entered mass production.