What is known about the inspection of the RF IC of the post of Artemy Lebedev about the holy relics?

Designer Artemy Lebedev reacted to the fact that the Investigative Committee (IC) & nbsp; RF began checking because of his publication on social networks about the holy relics. This is probably about a post that Lebedev published on his Telegram channel on December 17. He also noted that he does not understand why the bodies of B Ladimir Lenin, Kim Il Sung and Mao Zedong are on display in the mausoleums. & mdash; & nbsp; Lebedev wrote in his Telegram. Photo: ru.wikipedia.org/Matkult-hello! Source: & nbsp; Telegram-channel of Artemy Lebedev Истoчник aif.ru '' in the Telegram messenger with the name Artemy Lebedev, obscene statements about the holy relics were published '', & mdash; the document says. How is holiness defined? To his post, Lebedev attached a copy of the document received from the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow. Tell me, please, what are the holy relics? It says that the Presnensky Interdistrict Department of the Moscow Investigative Committee registered the material of the check “ on a possible violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion in the Telegram messenger. The document of the Investigative Committee does not say which publication was the reason for the investigation. In it, the designer wrote that he considered contemplating the relics to be a stupid occupation. What publication of Lebedev was the reason for the investigation by the Investigative Committee? “ Dear Investigative Committee! What form did Lebedev receive from the Investigative Committee? The designer, with irony and sarcasm, using foul language, asked the investigation several rhetorical questions about what could be considered blasphemy. In what law are they described? He also called the form received from the Investigative Committee blasphemous. Artemy Lebedev. & nbsp; Based on this, Lebedev must appear at the investigation department to “ give explanations, '' the document says.