What kind of a single Internet meter will be launched in Russia?

It will be used by information resources to transfer data to the company & ndash; a single measure of the Runet. “ The owner of an information resource, the audience of which is subject to research, is obliged to provide the authorized organization for the research of audience volume with the opportunity to conduct research on the audience volume of such an information resource, & lt; & hellip; & gt; by installing & lt; & hellip; & gt; programs for electronic computers designed to research the volume of the audience, and (or) by providing the authorized organization for researching the volume of the audience with the data necessary and sufficient for conducting research '', & ndash; it says in the law. She has no right to distribute advertising or be a representative or intermediary of an advertising distributor. Who will collect audience data? 1929. The corresponding law was adopted in June 2021. The parliamentarians are sure that market participants are primarily interested in a single meter. Sources: & nbsp; http://www.consultant.ru/ < p> https://sozd.duma.gov.ru https://t.me/ https://www.forbes.ru/ < p> https://www.kommersant.ru/ https://rg.ru/ https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4162850 https://base.garant.ru/ http://www.consultant.ru/ & nbsp; Истoчник aif.ru The list of information includes: site owner's identifier; name of the resource and its identifier; user identifier (assigned by the owner of the information resource, transmitted in anonymous form); user category & ndash; an individual or legal entity; data on the type of user equipment (smartphones, tablet computers, personal computers, digital TVs, portable media players, etc.); identifier of the user equipment used to access the information resource (if any); time of user access to the information resource; data about the browser used (name and version of the browser, operating system of the user equipment ) and others. Roskomnadzor will form the register of information resources whose audience is subject to research. The document provides for amendments to the federal laws On Mass Media, On Information, Information Technology and Information Protection. Previously, Kommersant; wrote that & nbsp; representatives of the analytical firm Mediascope expressed their willingness to participate in the tender. The explanatory note to the bill states that there are many platforms with different audience measurement systems, but the metrics and statistics of different sites differ from each other. & nbsp; The authorities want cross-media research to be conducted that takes into account the combined audience of television and the Internet. Additional selection conditions are established by order of Roskomnadzor. This is largely related to the problem of pirated content, which still occupies a significant share in the media consumption of Russians '', & ndash; he wrote in his Telegram. & Nbsp; The author of the bill Anton Gorelkin noted that the lack of a uniform methodology for measuring sites hurts advertisers and content producers. The list of data provided to the measuring company for conducting audience research was approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 12, 2021 No. Russia will introduce a single counter to measure the audience of Internet resources. Because of this, it is impossible to compare and contrast audience metrics on the Internet with television audiences. Why will the site audience research be carried out? It can only be a Russian legal entity, if there is a share of foreign ownership, then it can be no more than 20% of the authorized capital. What information will the sites transmit? “ The state also does not see what is happening in this area. Gorelkin believes that a “ universal and transparent rating system '', similar to the one that works with television, will make the online advertising industry “ more predictable and effective. The owners of online publications, news aggregators, audiovisual services, and other & nbsp; information resources on the Internet that distribute publicly available information. '' The parliamentarian writes that such systems have been operating in Europe for a long time and have managed to prove themselves. This regulation comes into force on March 1, 2022. Which sites will transmit audience data? Since 2017, a study of the audience of TV channels has been carried out in Russia & ndash; it is carried out by the order of the state by the company “ Mediakop ''. etc. The draft law on a single measure of the Runet provides that a research company should use the data received from sites only for conducting research on the audience size. The research company that will collect information about the audience of the sites will have to choose Roskomnadzor.