What kind of aircraft carrier for basing drones is being created in Russia?

The new system will include reconnaissance drones and several types of loitering ammunition. Tasks for Developers At what stage the work is still unknown. In November, Russia tested a naval version of the KUB-BLA drone. To ensure flights of deck drones, a number of technical problems will have to be solved. The declared speed of the drone is 130 kilometers per hour. The device was successfully used in conjunction with the shipborne missile systems 'Caliber' and Onyx. Several system components have already been tested. Project idea A multipurpose platform is being designed for the Navy, which will carry on board a significant number of tactical drones and unmanned vehicles with reconnaissance capabilities. Also in Russia, they will develop the technology of kamikaze drones to protect the country's maritime borders from violating vessels. One of the main advantages of using drones is the low operating cost, since loitering missiles are cheaper than anti-ship missiles. Loitering ammunition was developed by Zala Aero (part of the Kalashnikov group of companies). Maybe it will be something like an aircraft carrier with a reduced displacement, a universal amphibious assault ship or a helicopter carrier, perhaps something else. There are no possibilities to accommodate larger UAVs, so the appearance of a separate drone carrier can solve this problem. The Russian Navy in the future may be armed with a special naval platform for basing tactical and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Ship-based unmanned and autonomous systems will allow the use of drones both in the coastal strip, for example, to support the operations of the marines, and in the open sea for patrolling maritime borders and for search and rescue operations. With the help of the new Russian platform, which will appear in the Navy, it is planned to carry out deck-based medium and light vehicles of helicopter and aircraft type, the latter of which will be launched from the ship using a pneumatic catapult. UAVs are widely used on land and much less & mdash; on the sea. The units of the naval aviation of the Navy are armed with a multifunctional UAV of the aircraft type “ Orlan-10 ''. AiF.ru found out what is known about this project. The use of unmanned aircraft in modern warfare is given a lot of space. Increased accuracy of the take-on systems is required, and the body of the UAVs will need to be made stronger in case of a hard landing on the ship's deck. “ CUB-BLA '' is a versatile weapon and can be launched from offshore platforms. The duration of the device is up to 30 minutes. At airfields of naval aviation, the Forpost drone is also used, capable of tracking the found surface and coastal target while simultaneously issuing target designation. This is due primarily to the lack of appropriate media. “ CUB-BLA '' can carry up to 3 kg payload. Which UAVs will be used? It is noted that kamikaze drones will be able to launch from installations on Russian ships. Reconnaissance drones are being introduced into the armament of some ships, but they are mostly small in size and can stay in the air for a limited time. First of all, it will be necessary to protect the on-board electronics from the aggressive marine environment. In fact, it will be an aircraft carrier for drones, which are planned to be launched using a pneumatic catapult. What is hidden behind the word “ platform '' is not explained. The advantages of loitering ammunition were attributed to ease of use. This device can be used both on land and on ships. https://tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/13181547 Истoчник aif.ru