What kind of loitering ammunition with a “sharp” name was created in Russia?

When diving and & nbsp; maneuvering, such a scheme behaves much better, to & nbsp; that & nbsp;, the dimensions of the product are greatly reduced. After detecting an object, the device strikes the target as a guided air-to-surface missile. Lancets do not & nbsp; have internal combustion engines, they are electric. Company & nbsp; & mdash; the only manufacturer of weapons of this class on & nbsp; today in & nbsp; Russia. It is a small needle for puncturing the skin on the & nbsp; finger, usually sterile, disposable. The drone transmits the image of the target via the & nbsp; television communication channel, which allows you to confirm the success of the defeat. Return to the & nbsp; shore of the loitering ammunition “ Lancet '' not & nbsp; is shown, since they do not & nbsp; have such a function. Zala Aero manufactures a wide range of drones for various purposes, & nbsp; including reconnaissance and & nbsp; drums. Maximum takeoff weight & nbsp; & mdash; 12 & nbsp; kilograms. Drones with & nbsp; electric motors have their own advantages and & nbsp; disadvantages. AiF. The first is low noise, which makes it difficult for the enemy to search in the sky and & nbsp; not too large object. Also shown is the launch of a reconnaissance drone from the & nbsp; boat of the same company Zala, which then, after performing reconnaissance, sits on the shore. Today, under the term “ lancet '' in & nbsp; medicine means a lancet for capillary blood sampling or a scarifier. Loitering ammunition 'Lancet' can be in & nbsp; target search mode for a long time. & Nbsp; Features Combat drones of opponents move at & nbsp; speed of 150 & nbsp; km/h, and & nbsp; speed of “ Lancet '' will exceed this figure by & nbsp; two times. At the same time, the drone releases a parachute, and & nbsp; an airbag inflates under its fuselage to prevent damage to the aircraft during landing. ru & nbsp; tells what kind of a & nbsp; drone with & nbsp; “ sharp '' name. To & nbsp; second & nbsp; & mdash; relatively low speed. ru/20211213/boepripas-1763425946.html? & nbsp; Developer Lancet developed by Zala Aero on a proactive basis. Features The aerodynamic scheme is of interest. The radius of the complex & nbsp; & mdash; up to & nbsp; 40 & nbsp; km. When a target is detected, such a drone hits it & nbsp; as a guided missile & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; surface '', completely obliterating itself. Probably, the name of the developers hints at everything & nbsp; & nbsp; “ sharpness '' your drone. The & nbsp; video demonstrates the launch of the Lancet loitering ammunition from & nbsp; board of the high-speed assault boat BK-16E with & nbsp; using a mechanical catapult. Why such a name? It looks like a shot from a & nbsp; powerful slingshot. Previously, a lancet was called a piercing surgical instrument with a & nbsp; double-edged blade for opening abscesses. If the drone does not & nbsp; find a target, then & nbsp; it & nbsp; self-destructs. The Russian corporation, part of the & nbsp; Kalashnikov group of companies, has published a video of testing the Lancet loitering ammunition with & nbsp; marine carrier. Fuse type & nbsp; & mdash; precontact. https: //ria. & nbsp; https: //zala-aero.com/  What can be seen on the & nbsp; video? Combat use UAVs 'Lancet' were used in & nbsp; Syria by units of the Russian Special Operations Forces to eliminate especially important militant commanders. Loitering ammunition can be launched not only from a & nbsp; ground launcher, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; in & nbsp; movement even on the & nbsp; sea. Истoчник aif.ru & nbsp; Lancet loitering ammunition. Complex “ Lancet '' uses guidance systems of several types: coordinate, optoelectronic and & nbsp; combined. This is a class of weapons that can fly for a long time in the & nbsp; expected area of ​​the target, being in the & nbsp; search mode. It is characteristic not so much for airplanes as for missiles.