What kind of unmanned kamikaze “Cube” will be adopted by the Russian army?

But with kamikaze drones, the military has the ability to massively strike at objects with significant dimensions and a single & mdash; on the technique of the enemy. Following their results, the loitering ammunition was recommended for adoption. Run them & nbsp; from the catapult, they do not return back. UAVs with loitering ammunition are able to fly for a long time in the intended area of ​​the target in the search mode, and upon finding it – & mdash; destroy like a guided missile & laquo; air & mdash; surface. Development Cube developed by part of Kalashnikov by ZALA AERO, it was presented in 2019. In addition, this year & nbsp; Zala Aero tested a naval version of the KUB-UAV loitering ammunition, it can be launched even from small vessels, such as assault boats. Earlier it was reported that the Russian armed forces will soon arm themselves with kamikaze drones, which can be used by the so-called swarm & mdash; a one-time massive attack on the enemy. & nbsp; How it works & laquo; Cube & raquo; & nbsp; is a versatile drone capable of striking both ground and sea targets. & Nbsp; If no target is specified, it & nbsp; will commit a self-detonation. https://ria.ru/20211216/kub-1763968625.html Истoчник aif.ru Cube can spend 30 minutes in the air, developing a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour, and its maximum load – & mdash; three kilograms. & Nbsp; The drone is made according to the “ flying wing '' scheme, has a characteristic triangular shape and is driven by a propeller that rotates an electric motor. Usually they are aircraft-type drones with reconnaissance systems and a high-explosive warhead, mostly made of plastic and other materials that do not reflect the radio signal. These are drones that go to ram an object, in fact, sacrificing themselves. & nbsp; The KUB-BLA high-precision unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to engage remote ground targets at the Kalashnikov stand. It is assumed that the Russian military has already used Cuba. The drone is guided by the coordinates of the target or using the video image from its camera, has high accuracy, can be launched stealthily, is practically silent, easy to control. The effectiveness of the new type of weapons is also added by the fact that it is practically impossible to resist it with traditional air defense systems. From guided missiles and guided bombs, kamikaze drones are favorably distinguished by the ability to launch from unprepared sites and from a distance greater than that of classic artillery ammunition. They showed the greatest efficiency when working against lightly armored vehicles, infrastructure facilities and enemy manpower. Loitering ammunition is much cheaper than standard weapons. Just two people can launch a dozen guided munitions literally from the back of a standard van. In the previous two years, the drones have passed preliminary tests. Manufacturers call the kamikaze UAV patrolling ammunition. Loitering ammunition 'Cube' successfully passed state tests. Photo: RIA Novosti/Mikhail Voskresensky. It is almost impossible to track the launch site, which provides one of the main requirements & mdash; personnel safety. And finally, other weapons cannot be in the air in large numbers in the safe zone and, with just one command, go to the target. Tasks The task of loitering ammunition & mdash; Help the military to conduct reconnaissance and destroy targets without waiting for combat aircraft. The length of the drone & mdash; 95 centimeters, and a wingspan & mdash; 1.2 meters. '' The developer declares that the device is capable of detecting and destroying objects, regardless of their stealth and terrain. in Syria to strike at terrorist positions. It will become the first drone of this class & nbsp; in the Russian army. Its serial deliveries to the troops are scheduled for next year. What are kamikaze drones and what are they for?