What will replace a paper compulsory medical insurance policy?

22/12/2021 Will plastic and paper compulsory medical insurance policies be canceled from the new year? Well, and most importantly – such projects are well implemented if the level of digitalization throughout the country is equally high. 51. Adults will be able to get a digital policy on the State Services portal or at the MFC. In this case, it will be enough to present a passport (birth certificate) at the clinic. How much does it cost to celebrate the New Year? But the paper (plastic) will continue to work, you can go to the doctor with him. & Nbsp; “Electronic has advantages & ndash; it cannot be lost, torn, etc., & ndash; believes vice-president of the All-Russian Union of Insurers Dmitry Kuznetsov. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. & ndash; But it is not yet clear, for example, how transparently will the choice of an insurance company be carried out? Expert's answer + – From 2022, a paper compulsory medical insurance policy will become optional, and all those born will be automatically issued electronic along with a birth certificate. And what will we go to the clinic with? '' Истoчник aif.ru