Which of the doctors will receive double payments for work on New Year’s holidays?

Physicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 are also paid incentive allowances. The development of a draft regulatory legal act has already been completed. The Ministry of Labor has proposed extending this procedure to 2022. I would ask the Government to do the same in 2022 on New Year's holidays '', & mdash; Putin said at a meeting with members of the government. & Nbsp; If adopted, such a payment scheme will apply not only to doctors, but also to a number of other persons involved in vaccination, including for the military and law enforcement officers. & nbsp; When vaccinating with a two-component vaccine, the physician who consulted and sent a person for vaccination will receive 60 rubles. & nbsp; What is the amount of payments established for doctors? If the disease has become the cause of temporary disability, the insurance payment will be 68,811 rubles. Until the end of this year, a temporary provision is in force that guarantees insurance payments to physicians who become ill with coronavirus in the performance of their professional duties. So, ambulance doctors receive 2,430 rubles per shift, nursing staff & mdash; 1215 rubles, junior & mdash; 950 rubles, paramedics for receiving calls & mdash; 600 rubles, drivers of mobile teams & mdash; 1215 rubles. In November, the Ministry of Health developed a scheme for distributing payments for those vaccinated against COVID-19. For injecting the first and second doses of the drug, 30 rubles are provided. Doctors of hospitals for a shift are entitled to 3880 rubles, middle and junior medical staff of hospitals & mdash; 2430 rubles and 1215 rubles, respectively. Finance Minister & nbsp; Anton Siluanov & nbsp; said that more than 8 billion rubles would be allocated for this purpose. Currently, the final version of the text of the resolution is being formed. Doctors who provide medical care on an outpatient basis should be paid 2,430 rubles per shift, nursing staff & mdash; 1215 rubles, junior & mdash; 600 rubles. If one person has performed several procedures, then the payment will be summed up. Do doctors pay extra for vaccination of & nbsp; patients? In the event of the death of a health worker, his relatives will be paid 2,752,452 rubles. < p> Sources: http://kremlin.ru https://regulation.gov.ru/projects#npa=122514 https://regulation.gov.ru/projects#npa=121156 & nbsp; Истoчник aif.ru Plot Measures against the spread of coronavirus in Russia Doctors who will help patients with coronavirus on New Year's holidays will receive double payments. excluding the regional coefficient and allowances. This order was given by the President & nbsp; Vladimir Putin. & Nbsp; They are charged if COVID-19 has caused harm to health, caused complications or caused temporary disability. & nbsp; Part relies on consultation, the other & mdash; for inspection, third & mdash; for each injection. According to the project, doctors will receive 200 rubles for each vaccinated person. The doctor who will conduct an examination before and after vaccination is entitled to 40 rubles, the same amount – & mdash; for inspection at the second stage. If the illness has led to disability, the victim is entitled to from 688,113 (group III) to 2,064,339 rubles (group I). worked and continue to work with covid patients, double the size.