Who destroyed the USSR: “The cleaning lady threw the Belovezhskaya agreements into the trash can”

This is the same Vyacheslav Mikhailov, who later, during the Yeltsin era, headed the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs and under whom the Chechen war took place. Yeltsin and Kravchuk instructed their subordinates to draw up a document. – They signed the letter to Filkin. But at the very last moment, Yeltsin was afraid that the Chekists would fool him, and he would be left with nothing. Moreover, some of the top Soviet leadership even had the idea of ​​putting Yeltsin in Gorbachev's place. These are the characters who ruled this whole process. The result is unexpected: 58% of the participants believe that the country has collapsed due to the betrayal of the party elites. Our people were illiterate in this sense. I saw his notes to Gorbachev, in which he proposed reforming the Soviet Federation. That is, in the document itself there was no clause on the possibility of denunciation of this Treaty. The Supreme Council of Ukraine has fulfilled this norm. Its theme: “Activities of the party organizations of the western regions of Ukraine on the international education of the population.” What dissertations were written, and, as you yourself understand, there was no international education of the population of the Bandera regions of Ukraine. Истoчник www.mk.ru Instead of dividing the country into republics on a national basis, it was supposed to cut it into states similar to the American ones. Yakovlev and Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev with his associates. For some reason, Yeltsin believed in this nonsense of Burbulis and finally headed for the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a direct consequence of the treacherous policy of a part of the top of the CPSU headed by Gorbachev. This piece of paper is called the “Burbulis memorandum.” It was written in it that all the problems of Russia are that it feeds all the union republics, with the exception of two. It was only in the first federal constitution in the preamble. Ivanov – There were no objective prerequisites for the collapse of the USSR – neither economic, nor political, nor social. And they plunged her into the abyss of misery and suffering. – The union treaty was signed by representatives of Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Transcaucasian Federation, which included Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The act of proclaiming the independence of Ukraine was adopted on August 24, 1991, so the referendum, at best, could only be scheduled for February 24, 1992. Why did people so calmly accept the Belovezhskaya agreements? Allegedly, the then chairman of the KGB, Vladimir Kryuchkov, agreed with Yeltsin that they would conduct this operetta putsch in order to remove Gorbachev from power and make Yeltsin the new president of the USSR. We agreed on one – we drank a glass of brandy. The farther the USSR goes back into the past, the fewer those who believe that its demise was caused by natural causes. Millions of refugees. Suddenly, someone found him in the garbage can. And what about the civil war in Tajikistan? When they went to bed, this leaflet was found by the cleaning lady in the sauna on the floor. Neither the Declaration nor the Treaty on the formation of the USSR envisaged their denunciation. – She conducted it illegally. So in an hour and a half we drank 14 glasses. In the morning they got up – they can't find him. And we still don't know what it will end up with in the end. Naturally, they drank there. Allegedly, he, together with Academician Yevgeny Pavlovich Velikhov, then director of the Kurchatov Institute, worked on this Andropov task. They took this sheet, copied it and put it on the table for the presidents. Therefore, the signing of this phony letter in Belovezhie is an absolutely illegal anti-state act, which, according to all norms of law, is treason to the Motherland and is subject to punishment under Article 64 of the USSR Criminal Code. Why was he appointed on this particular date? Because on the same day the presidential elections in Ukraine were to take place. There was a constitutional provision on the right of a union republic to secede from the USSR, which was already spelled out in the federal law of April 3, 1990 “On the procedure for resolving issues related to the secession of a union republic from the USSR.” There was a rather lengthy procedure, up to 5 years, which was to be accompanied by at least two referendums, the creation of conciliation commissions, a long negotiation process on territorial problems, on mutual settlements, etc. There were Gaidar, Kozyrev, Burbulis, Shakhrai. And everything will remain the same: formal borders, united armed forces, a single foreign policy, a single currency – the ruble, etc. When he returned to big politics after disgrace, then yesterday's dissidents and new leaders of the opposition, represented by the Interregional Deputy Group, were playing this national card. This is a completely “man-made” process. This goal was originally set. They made this document. But then the Act on State Sovereignty had to be submitted to a national referendum. Yesterday I heard an interview with Shushkevich, where he is proud of the fact that he signed the Belovezhskaya agreements and destroyed the “empire” without a drop of blood. At least Arkady Volsky (in 1983-1984 – Assistant for Economics to the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov – MP) in a number of his interviews said that Andropov gave him direct instructions to prepare a plan for reformatting the USSR. He taught there for many years, then from there he went to work in the propaganda and agitation department of the Lviv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. These are hundreds of thousands of people killed. Therefore, he began to play by his own rules. And it continues. This treaty was no longer in the constitutions of 1936 and 1977. Photo: wikimedia.org/RIA Novosti archive/U. During this time, it was necessary, for example, to resolve the issue of territories like Crimea and Western Ukraine, which were not part of the republic at the time of its entry into the USSR. And they took advantage of this: the total illiteracy of the Soviet people and their trust. – They were completely illegal. – After all, it was not the Act on the withdrawal of Ukraine from the USSR that was adopted. That is, it is him who should be made the new leader of the USSR. And ours and Belarusians sat down in the bath to write this document. This document is also called the “bath agreement” – do you know that it was written in the bath? In 1988, at the suggestion of Alexander Yakovlev, he headed this department of the Central Committee of the CPSU for interethnic relations. But he didn't. All republican constitutions and the Brezhnev Constitution of the USSR stated that all union republics are sovereign states. They thought that the name of the state would simply change – it was the USSR, it became the CIS. Because in the eyes of the world community, it would immediately “zero”. Because the basis for the Soviet Union statehood was already the constitution, first Stalin's, then Brezhnev's. It was a deliberate act, conceived by the ideologist of perestroika, Alexander Nikolayevich Yakovlev. I took it and threw it into the garbage can. On December 8, 1991, in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the Agreement on the establishment of the CIS was signed, which meant the death of the union state. How is it “without a drop of blood”? The best way to take revenge was to lead the largest republic in the Soviet Union and act as a fronder. Moreover, no earlier than 6 and no later than 9 months from the date of the adoption of the Act by the Supreme Council. By the way, Mikhailov graduated from Lviv State University, graduated from the same place and defended his thesis in the Department of the History of the CPSU. In addition, a department for interethnic problems was created in the Central Committee apparatus itself, headed by Comrade Mikhailov. After the suppression of the putsch, when Yeltsin left for Sochi, the then “Secretary of State” Gennady Burbulis presented him with an “analytical” note, I put the word analytical in bold quotation marks. Historian Yevgeny Spitsyn gives an assessment of those events. Everything that was done in the field of interethnic relations was a man-made act. He would be portrayed in the West as a dictator, a bloody ghoul. According to the law, in order to start the withdrawal procedure, the highest body of state power of the republic – in this case, the Supreme Soviet – had to adopt a corresponding document. – When the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR made a decision to hold a referendum, President Gorbachev, as the guarantor of the USSR Constitution, had to issue a decree abolishing this resolution and declaring a state of emergency on the territory of at least Kiev. People were rounded up, that's all. When this piece of paper was signed in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, he was supposed to issue a decree on non-recognition of this phony letter and on bringing to criminal responsibility all participants in these gatherings. Destroyed the country for their own selfish interests. And in 1978 he moved to Moscow and became an instructor in the propaganda department of the Central Committee of the CPSU. The Ukrainians went to bed on a plausible pretext. And Yeltsin in this situation simply, as they say, “got into a case.” He was already forced to play by the rules of this audience, because otherwise they would not have recognized him as the leader of the opposition. Why didn't Gorbachev do this? There is a version that this was the root cause of the August 1991 putsch. It was directed by the “architect of perestroika” Mr. And what about the wars in Georgia, Transnistria, Ukraine? – The root cause of all the problems was, of course, the policy of the top Soviet leadership. And if we throw off this ballast, then Russia will roll like cheese in butter. There was a question: “Do you confirm the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine?” That was the craftiness. The fact that he was appointed for December 1, 1991 is a direct violation of the law. Yeltsin straddled the crest of this wave. And then, using his bestial grip and exorbitant ambitions, strangle all these separatist movements in the union republics. – The practical implementation of this conceived plan for the collapse of the USSR began at the X I X party conference (June 28 – July 1, 1988), when, on the one hand, a commission on interethnic issues was created, on the other, the post of secretary of the Central Committee was created, which was supposed to oversee these questions. And Boris Nikolaevich was a very ambitious man and by any means sought to take revenge on Gorbachev. Historian Spitsyn outlined the main causes of death of the empire State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin conducted a survey on the reasons for the collapse of the USSR in his telegram channel. He did not fulfill his direct official duties. And also because they were in a hurry to be in time before the signing of a new union treaty, which was scheduled for December 9. This document has long become a historical rarity. People voted for this Act, thinking that it would only expand the rights of Ukraine within the USSR. Similar plans probably existed for Yuri Andropov. The Act of State Independence was adopted. They began to agree on the text, there are 14 points. They did not bring the issue of Ukraine's secession from the USSR to a referendum.