Why do they want to collect 13 billion rubles from ex-State Duma deputy Sergei Petrov?

& Nbsp; & laquo ; We asked the court to schedule a hearing for January in order to have time to write a review, get acquainted with the materials, of which there are five volumes '', & mdash; explained Kupriyanov. According to the ICR, the shares of Rolf Estate, despite their sale, did not actually change their owner, but remained inside the holding. Has two sons. However, the ICR considered that the transaction was fictitious and served only as a cover for the withdrawal of money abroad, to accounts controlled by Petrov. for the Rolf company at Sberbank. Razinkin learned about the illegal entrepreneurial activity of Petrova while investigating a case against the founder of Rolf. The investigation also found that Petrov, after being elected to the State Duma in 2007 from Fair Russia, was not only the initiator of this deal, but also, despite the prohibitions provided for by anti-corruption legislation, continued to exercise general management of Rolf, receive remuneration for this, which he did not declare. (up 2%). The lawsuit says that in 2010 Petrov became a guarantor for a loan for 12.6 billion rubles. In the period from 2007 to 2016, he was a State Duma deputy from the Fair Russia party, worked in the committee on budget and taxes. Photo: AiF What is the essence of the claim? In 2004, Petrov left the post of president of the company and until 2007 was engaged in the long-term development strategy of the company. & Nbsp; After leaving school, Petrov entered the Orenburg Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots. In 1975 he was awarded the qualification of an officer with a military special education pilot-engineer. What is known about Sergei Petrov? he received his second higher education at the Correspondence Institute of Soviet Trade (now the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics) with a degree in labor economics. The Khimki City Court accepted the claim of the First Deputy Prosecutor General & nbsp; Anatoly Razinkin & nbsp; to recover 12.85 billion rubles. Petrov is married. Earlier in relation to the founder of the group of companies Rolf; a criminal case was opened on currency fraud. & nbsp; He also said that on December 23, the court will consider the question of the mode in which the claim will be heard – open or closed for listeners and the media. In 2014, Rolf through the Cypriot offshore Panabel Ltd, which was the parent company of the holding, bought for 3.9 billion rubles. In terms of the number of new cars sold (almost 80 thousand units), the company took the first place in the rating of car dealers. & Nbsp; As stated in the lawsuit, from 2014 to 2016 “ Rolf '' transferred under the guise of dividends 8.9 billion rubles. In July 2019, the businessman was expelled from the board of directors of Rolf, although he himself insists that he left of his own accord. & nbsp; Sergei Petrov was born in 1954 in the city Chkalov (now Orenburg). a criminal case on charges of committing foreign exchange transactions using forged documents (part 3 of article 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). His representative & nbsp; Alexey Kupriyanov & nbsp; told TASS that Petrov denies the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation against him and JSC Rolf & nbsp; for 12.85 billion rubles. to the accounts of the Petrov family through Panabel Ltd, Delance Ltd and Rolf Motors. In 2019, the businessman took 114th place in the Forbes rating, the entrepreneur's fortune was estimated at $ 900 million. In 2020, the company sold cars in the amount of RUB 258.3 billion. & Nbsp; Petrov is now unavailable to law enforcement agencies. & nbsp; Petrov was put on the international wanted list about two years ago, but Austria, whose citizenship he has, refused to extradite him. “ We will ask the court to consider the claim in an open process '', & mdash; & nbsp; said Kupriyanov. & nbsp; Where is Petrov now? Recently he has been permanently living in Austria. The company explained the need for the deal by simplifying the structure of the holding and increasing its transparency. The supervisory authority believes that the deputy took most of this amount abroad. & Nbsp; In 1982-1987. Source: & nbsp; https: //www.kommersant.ru/doc/5100642 & nbsp; Истoчник aif.ru & nbsp; The prosecutor's office believes that after being a State Duma deputy for nine years, Petrov was illegally engaged in business, which brought him and “ Rolf '' impressive profit. & Nbsp; In 1982, with the rank of major, Petrov was arrested for anti-Soviet agitation and participation in the creation of an unofficial democratic organization. Today the company is & mdash; & nbsp; the largest car dealer in the Russian Federation. Petrov's total illegal income in the prosecutor's office was estimated at almost 13 billion rubles. In 1989-1991, Petrov was the director of the car rental division of the Rozek-Kar company, and in August 1991 he created his own company, Rolf. & nbsp; Petrov was accused of illegally withdrawing almost 4 billion rubles abroad in 2015. On October 5, 2016, he terminated the powers of a deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation. shares of CJSC Rolf Estate. from the former State Duma deputy, founder of the company & nbsp; & quot; Rolf & quot; & nbsp; Sergei Petrov. & nbsp; Mr.