Why is ignorance dangerous on a national scale?

Where does such ignorance come from and what is it fraught with? Dorofeev Anatoly Wasserman, journalist, deputy, member of the State Duma Committee on education: — I attribute this catastrophic state of affairs to the dominance of liberals in the field of education. Photo: AiF drawing/A. Right now we are doing — we formulate this concept so that it can be included in the law, and we are looking for specific educational methods. He/nbsp;should perceive the world as a scattering of disparate facts, not connected with each other in any way. According to the idea of ​​these figures, a person who graduates from an American high school or a European university completely bolonized should not not have a complete picture of the world, but have no idea that it is even possible! 32. Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. In the            — about a quarter of a century. People denied the coronavirus and refused vaccination because they don't understand the underlying biological mechanisms. That is why a huge number of people (and not only in Russia) believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. They don't know what the structure of the solar system is, and even more so the cosmos as a whole. The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors em> Rate the material Истoчник aif.ru When a person has a complete picture of the world, each new fact fits into it, like details into a mosaic, — complements it, improves it. 21% of respondents believe that ancient people lived at the same time with  dinosaurs, 44% — that GMO foods can cause cancer. On a national scale, this can lead to catastrophic consequences — such as the destruction of society, the national economy, etc.  The Education Law must explicitly include a statement that the purpose of  —education — the formation of the same holistic picture of the world. And when she is not present, any nonsense can be easily sold to him. Not to mention the fact that she is useful to him. Take a check per capita 10/08/2022 VCIOM conducted a survey and found out: 35% of Russians are sure that the Sun revolves around the Earth. If in the course of the entire history of education its goal was proclaimed (or implied) to form a complete picture of the world in a person, then now it is disfigured so that it destroys this picture. An example from the recent past — covid dissidence. And what's around what, it doesn't matter. It is obvious to me that a significant part of our people and, what is much worse, a part of decision-makers in the economic bloc of the government, are still amazed by the tenets of liberalism. And besides they think that the state will definitely deceive them. For them, the mere fact that something revolves around something, — already good.