“Will go out and continue”: why “Nizhny Novgorod Chikatilo” escaped life

A criminal case was opened under the articles “Murder of a minor” and “Violent acts of a sexual nature.” The court sent the detainee to a pre-trial detention center. Place of murder of the girl Local officers told operatives that in the morning they saw a suspicious man in camouflage. “When they turned towards a residential area, he fell behind.” The next day, 49-year-old Sergei Matyushin from the Volga region, located 30 kilometers from Bolshoy Kozino, was detained. She managed to break free and call for help. But she did not contact the police. He was released in 2016. In the course of the investigation into Alena's murder, it turned out that the maniac showed an unhealthy interest in his niece, which is why his sister ended all relations with him. “CCTV cameras on some private houses recorded how during the day a cyclist was tied to two girls returning from school,” says the lawyer of the victims Natalya Gribkova. At the beginning of the 2000s, Matyushin, threatening with a knife, tried to rape an eight-year-old girl in the elevator of a high-rise building in Nizhny Novgorod. During interrogation, he quickly confessed to the crime. A few years later, for another rape of a minor, he received ten years of strict regime. But because of his age, he was not imprisoned then. The first crime was committed by another 15-year-old teenager – two girls became victims at once. The maniac was detained and sent to jail for 11 years. He has a sister in Tatarstan. And the journalists quickly nicknamed him “Chikatilo of Nizhny Novgorod.” “alt =” & quot; Will come out and continue & quot ;: why & quot; Nizhny Novgorod Chikatilo “escaped life imprisonment” /> Special report Dark past A native of Naberezhnye Chelny, Matyushin spent most of his life in the colonies for the rape of children. Having freed himself, together with his father and stepmother he moved to the Volga region. He rode his bike near the school and several times went to the store where children usually buy sweets.