Xi Jinping called for a world without hegemony and confrontation between military blocs

At the beginning of 2022, negotiations between Russia, the United States and NATO on this topic took place, but they did not lead to any results. After the start of the Russian special operation, Beijing did not join Western sanctions against Moscow and advocated a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine. How close is a recession? It included a demand to the alliance to exclude the entry of the former Soviet republics into NATO and the deployment of military bases in the post-Soviet space and the mutual reduction of armaments. Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. According to him, the Ukrainian crisis gave the world a wake-up call: the expansion of military blocs and the attempt to ensure the security of some states at the expense of others leads to a “security dilemma”; (a situation in which the provision of national security by some states is seen as a threat by others). Prior to that, at the end of last year, Moscow proposed to the US and NATO a draft security guarantee for Russia. Read on RBC Pro Pro The Fed raises rates, but inflation does not fall. “History shows that hegemony, block politics, confrontation between countries from different camps will not bring peace and security, but will only lead to war and conflicts,”&mdash ; he said. China several times spoke in support of Russia's demands for NATO non-expansion. «Peace— it is the common cause of mankind, which must be fought for and supported by all parties. The full text of his speech was published by the Xinhua News Agency. and a fine of 1 million rubles Articles Pro Weakening player: what foreign media prophesy to Russian oil and gas videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel Истoчник rbc.ru Only when everyone cherishes and preserves peace, and only when everyone remembers the bitter lessons of war, can there be hope for peace. The hegemony of individual states and the confrontation of military blocs lead to wars and conflicts, said Chinese President Xi Jinping /756559041675252.jpg” alt=”Xi Jinping advocated a world without hegemony and confrontation between military blocs” /> Xi Jinping Historical examples of the 20th century show that the hegemony of individual states and the confrontation of military blocs lead not to security in the world, but to wars and conflicts, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the opening ceremony of the BRICS forum. In the face of a turbulent world, we must not forget the original intent of the UN Charter and remember the mission of maintaining peace, — said Xi Jinping.