Ygtut – Black Benz Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Black folks was never equal where I come from
The cops’ll take you from your people if you ain’t careful, son
Martin Luther and Malcolm, they in they graves turnin’ over
You a slave to persona, you just chasin’ the image
Tryna ball, shootin’ shit that you know is way out your range
Livin’ way past your limits, play it safe, pay attention
I was you once upon a time, tryna shine on niggas
Tryna rhyme like Jigga, that’s how the white folks get ya
Get that nigga a contract and a chain that’s bigger
Than his f*ckin’ imagination, then we’ll rob that nigga
Niggas all about bitches, could give a damn about business
You’ll be pinchin’ every penny you let ’em catch your ass slippin’
When you tryna survive, who give a f*ck about privilege? Shouldn’t come a surprise, these crackers here tryna kill us
Your illusion is your own disappointment, can’t point at no one else
Know yourself before you destroy yourself
I tried to tell myself I can’t trust everybody
Had to understand the type to put a knife in Caesar’s neck
Or put a nail in Jesus’ hand (That’s the way that we livin’)
Them facts, yeah (That’s the love of forgiveness)
In the land of the privileged
Tryna make a percentage
Tryna make the world different
Speak up, they gon’ kill us
It’s a genocide on our kind, they workin’ against us
(We give up all through the same shit)
(We give up all through the same shit)
[Verse 2]
Cops supposed to protect and serve, they just patrol and control
Now the pigs is killin’ niggas, shit is out of control
Shit, we killin’ ourselves, shit is out of control
How does Black lives even matter when we kill our own folk? Shit, I wish Bobby Seale could come and rebirth the Panthers
With our fists in the air, gotta fight for our rights
‘Cause you can’t trust a pig with a badge and some lights
And they wonder why we corrupted and shit
They just tryna shut us up, we won’t put up with this shit
I’m sayin’ put yourself in our shoes, take a walk in our life
Let your son get murked, let your pops get life
Satan must be a formula baby, how they raisin’ hell
I’m tryna sell my Flu Games ’cause I ain’t f*ckin’ with 12
Shit, we all want justice, f*ck that martial arts shit
Y’all give a coward a gun and badge, that’s some dumb-ass shit Huey Newton’s probably layin’ in his grave, turnin’ over
You a slave to a culture, you just chasin’ the image
You just tryin’ to fit in
You just wanna be down
You don’t have no opinion
You’ll just go with the crowd
Will we ever unite and fight for some shit that’ll matter? Section 8 look way different than the houses y’all live in
In a world of demise, why try and speed up the ending?