Young Dolph Says He Is Still Bulletproof Set To Drop New Song

Young Dolph says he is still very much bulletproof as he recovers from getting shot last month and plots his musical comeback. Sources say Young Dolph is currently working on a new single about getting shot five times and being bulletproof. Over a hundred rounds of bullets were fired at an SUV that he was traveling in. ????? But that wish is a long shot. One man is currently charged with attempted murder and rapper Yo Gotti was named as a person of interest and is cooperating with cops. He was lucky to have walked away from that as well as the most recent one, but hopefully, there won’t be a next time. Young Dolph was shot at least three times on September 26 in Hollywood, CA. Fortunately for him, the vehicle was bulletproof. He was hospitalized in critical condition but he pulled through and is currently recovering. Dolph is still on his recovery bed and he is tweeting taking shots at whoever wants him dead. Maybe it’s full time that Young Dolph and Yo Gotti and whoever else is involved in that feud to sit down and chop things up and make peace. (@YoungDolph) October 8, 2017

Where tf was yo shooters at
— Mr Ungrateful (@BOWC2) October 10, 2017

Yo Gotti on the Phone With Black Youngsta Rn
— Rob Don ?? Back in March, he released the single “100 Shots” in response to the drive-by shooting. “No fuk nixxa formed against me shall prosper!” Young Dolph tweeted while adding some dolphin emojis. (@In_MyGlory) October 8, 2017 The “100 Shots” rapper survived a drive-by shooting in February of this year. No fuk nixxa formed against me shall prosper! Yet he is not taking heed. This is the second time that someone is firing shots at him in the last couple of months. — its DOLPHHHHHH! But it seems like Dolph will be the next Yung Mazi if he doesn’t take some serious steps to protect his life.