Yungen – Get It Lyrics (feat. G Frsh)

[Pre-Hook: G FrSH]
Some are getting by
Some are getting more
I’m gettin’ mine
That’s all I know
That’s all I know
So this for my niggas and my bitches one time
[Hook: Yungen]
I ain’t ballin’ but I get it, get it (x3)
If I got it I’ll spend it
Real nigga shit
I ain’t ballin’ but I get it, get it (x3)
What’s the price I’ll spend it
[Verse 1: Yungen]
Make a good boy wanna got to the trap house
Money talks, what you you chat about? They all ballin’ if he ain’t get the racks out
They say they gangster until you pull the strap out
I don’t wanna hear it
Get you written off for a lyric
Said she like speed but she don’t know her limit
That Grey Goose straight nearly took her spirit
Oh Lord, I get dough though, I don’t need to stunt man
On my J’s though, I dare you to jump man
On my own wave, I don’t need to front fam
Life’s a beach yeah the shells’ll get you sun tanned
Money comes, money goes
All I do is spit crack lines, everybody knows
Put on for the gyaldem, I put on for my bros
So they’re coming out on me man, anything goes
I get it
[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]
[Verse 2: G FrSH]
Some niggas cut flake
Some niggas cut shapes
Some niggas cop a crib
Some niggas cop a chain
Real nigga shit, it’s levels to this shit like games
I could dada hit a nigga with a cane
Tell ’em f*ck a chain nigga focus on your necklace
It’s like summer time the way they see me invest
Cutting through these trees like Tarzan
I turn squares into cheques like tartan
If they lookin’ at us nigga I’m blind
Girls wanna get engaged, but I’m busy on my line
Hashtag I’m balling
Cause I f*ckin’ get it
Operating on the roads like a f*ckin’ paramedic
I get my brothers closer to the prophet like cleric
And if you don’t care, it’s because you don’t get it, get it? [Pre-Hook] + [Hook]