Zakharova assessed the claim of the European Union in the WTO against Russia: the price of the “stupidity” of politicians

However, he did not add how much Brussels would pay for this, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman summed up. photo frame from video Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova commented on the claim filed by the European Union to the World Trade Organization in her Telegram channel to Russia in the amount of 290 billion euros for “ discrimination of European goods by the policy of import substitution. & nbsp; Истoчник Brussels told for a long time that our country was “severely punished,” the diplomat wrote. The EU countries agreed to this only under strong pressure from Washington … Biden noted that it was the efforts of the White House that allowed the US and the EU to unite. According to Zakharova, European countries were not ready to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine. < p> “Europe did not want to introduce them, but Obama had to put Europe in a difficult position and force it to act against Russia, despite the risk of economic damage to himself. '' “ Now we know how much the EU estimated the stupidity and lack of independence of its own political elites … Russia.