Zakharova commented on the requirements of the European Union to Russia due to state purchases

Follow RBK Twitter Get the news faster than anyone Истoчник Earlier, the European Union filed a complaint with the WTO, stating that Russia for several years has been developing measures that infringe on the interests of European companies when selling goods and services to Russian state-owned companies and other organizations through commercial purchases. '' According to Catherine Tai, United States Trade Representative, the import substitution program and preferences for domestically produced goods and services deprive American entrepreneurs of the opportunity to compete. The Ministry of Ecology added that the Russian side had previously provided the EU with explanations that the measures indicated by it are fully consistent with Russian obligations under the WTO. The requirements amount to the cancellation or change of certain measures taken by the country, which, according to the association, violate the rules of the trade organization. Zakharova explained that she considers such a position a manifestation of stupidity, because import substitution was a response to the EU sanctions against Russia, and lack of independence – and mdash; because European countries agreed to impose these sanctions under US pressure. The EU initiated a dispute with the WTO in July … Brussels accused Moscow of discriminating against EU companies when selling goods to Russian state-owned companies, claiming that Russia puts them at a disadvantage compared to other procurement participants. Earlier in December, the US accused Russia of violating WTO rules, ” such as non-discriminatory practices, more open trade, predictability, transparency and fair competition. The Ministry of Economic Development emphasized that the European Union, within the framework of the dispute in the WTO, does not require Russia to pay € 290 billion. “ B '' euro; 290 billion EU assesses the Russian procurement market, not the damage caused by the EU, '' & mdash; noted in the department. Zakharova: the EU's demands on Russia in the WTO showed how he assesses the stupidity of his elites According to her, after the EU complaint, it became clear how he “assessed the stupidity and lack of independence of his own political elites.” Earlier, the European Union estimated the Russian procurement market at € 290 billion and accused it of infringing on the interests of its companies The EU complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) demonstrated, political elites, '' said Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. “ In 2019, the cost of published tenders for Russian state-owned enterprises amounted to 23.5 trillion rubles, or about € 290 billion, which is equivalent to about 20% of Russia's GDP, '' & mdash; was noted in a message on the organization's website.