Zelensky’s interest in the war with Russia is called: the last chance

Истoчник www.mk.ru Kiva also stressed that it makes no sense for Moscow to send troops to Ukraine, as the Russian authorities are patiently watching as Ukraine is moving towards its end. In his opinion, the political elite, the opposition and the oligarchs grappled with each other in the country. The Verkhovna Rada believes that the president dreams of the start of hostilities Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is interested in starting a war with Russia, since he drove the people of his country to despair and able to fix it. Photo: president.gov.ua. Ilya Kiva, a deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life (Opposition Platform – For Life) party, expressed this point of view on his Telegram channel. Earlier, Western media reported on the allegedly impending Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. According to Kiva, the security forces will no longer obey the official authorities and protect the “comedian.” “From the cold. The Kremlin, commenting on these publications, called them “stuffing”. Previously, a Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev said that it makes no sense for Russia to attack Ukraine, which has long been an internecine war.